Thursday 19 April 2012

we have walls!

no cards to share with you yet - but there has been a lot of progress on the extension and we have walls. Next week we should start to get a roof as well .. .. then the fun can start. The gap in the new wall is going to be the french doors into my new bedroom. The gap by the conservatory will be the back door entrance into what I am hoping will be the laundry room, then into the conservatory which will have a solid wall at the adjoining end and give me a place to put my craft cupboard. That obscure glazed window is staying, currently at the back of the garage but that will be turned into the new bathroom so no need to replace it. As you can see, we have sunshine here in Cornwall today after the torrential showers of yesterday - at least it's filled up the water butt so I can water the garden again.

I've not been too well myself recently, battling a tooth abscess that's not responding to antibiotics and I have to have the tooth out under GA as I'm a big woos and the gum will need cutting to get at the broken tooth. I have managed to have a little minor treatment and hope to be able to cope with a couple of fillings next month - my phobia is the needle as I react badly to the local anaesthetic as it wares off, but needs must. On top of that, after visiting the dental department at the local hospital I developed a sore throat - a nasty virus the doctor says so no treatment, just time to get over it. Now though I've got the most disgusting cough and a bit of a temperature so all in all I'm in the wars.

I have been looking through my stash of cards as I've discovered that the nearby village has a craft event in their Parish Hall each month so I might be able to take a table and sell a few. However, with the cost of postage going up again, I'm rethinking my card crafting - either I have to go all out and make cards that are going to be for special occasions or, I keep things very simple so that the card fits through the 'normal' post slot - and that means only a couple of layers, and no buttons. blooms or bows that stick out. I am sure that people will still want to send Christmas cards, and cards for weddings and baby arrivals that can be delivered by hand will always be needed. Anyway, whatever I decide it will have to wait until I have my craft space back.

I'm not sure when I will be back on-line as my youngest has a new computer for me so I have to take my stuff off this old dinosaur ready to be put on the new one .. .. hopefully that might speed things up a bit then I can get around to visit you all again.


  1. Wow what progress I bet your so excited about everything happening so quickly after your long wait!!! Hope everything goes well with your broken tooth.

    Take care Chanelle xxx

  2. progress! it all looks fabulous and I bet you can't wait til it is all finished!
    I know what you mean about posting cards, since moving here I now use Moonpig for my cards, something I never thought I would do but so much cheaper and also they don't get damaged in the mail. I only make cards for handing over these days unless it is a very special occasion then I put them in a bubble wrap package and they cost a fortune to send!
    I am doing more scrapbooking now so that takes the place of the extra cards!

  3. the building lookks like its coming along, poor you with a tooth abscess.......very painful
    hope you get better real soon

  4. Your new extension is coming along nicely- cant wait to see it finished .
    Lisa x

  5. Do take care with that tooth - sounds like you really have been in the wars & with all the building work it must have been rather stressful trying to take care of your Mum as well. It does look like you will have a lovely room though - especially with the french doors.
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Hi Annie - nice to see a post from you. The building works look like they are coming together nicely. Poor you with your teeth problems, I hope everything gets sorted for you soon. I've been away such a lot in the past few weeks, but at least Dad is now on the mend. We are at Stu's for a couple of days before we head off to the wedding in Vegas. Hope we might get to meet up when I'n back, either I have a ride down to meet you for a coffee/lunch or you drop in to see me. Take care


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