Thursday, 3 January 2013

Normal Service Suspended!

Update #2 - to fix the problem you need to be in the HTML screen then click the picture icon and upload your picture from your pc.  When you go back to Compose screen you will see the photo and can resize as usual.  Hope this helps as it seems to be a problem across blogger today.

Update - I have a good connection to the internet and seem to be able to get around quite easily.  BUT - the blogger 'insert image' isn't working - at least it's not giving me the option to add a picture from my pc .. .. .. anyone have a sugestion?  I have looked at the blog help pages but they don't tell me anything - according to them I should be getting the option to click and select from my pc's files. Just in case it was a problem with having too many pictures on my blog I went and deleted 2007 posts, I might do the same for 2008 but honestly, I don't think that is going to be the solution.


We have been without internet for most of today - the reason we were given was that they are carrying out 'routine servicing'.  Although I can now get connected, I can't upload any pictures so my DT card for Cute Card Thursday is still not showing on the challenge blog, and needless to say it's not here either .. ..  I can't leave comments on any blogs either, although I can sometimes see them, but it's taking an age to load especially on the blogs with lots of extras in the side bars or the followers icons.

I'm not sure how long it will be before normal service is resumed.  Until then, poor me a large one!

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