Tuesday, 14 February 2012

LOTV update

Well, my pc is connected back up - across the room and slower than ever but at least working! I've been trying to catch up and thought I'd drop you a last minute reminder to enter the LOTV candy draw to win all the new stamps coming out soon - see it here and you can also enter the weekly candy draw at the same time! My favourites are those two cute little babies, they certainly will be joining my collection.

The kitchen window roman blind is almost made, just need to get some more rings to sew on for the cords to go through, then finish the painting before hanging it. As the weather man said we would be having a reasonably dry week I've been sidetracked into digging up part of the lawn to make a wider path so Mum can get outside, and hopefully sit and enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow I hope to get the lawn edging in, start on the sand and membrane and order the chippings to be delivered Thursday or Friday .. .. then shovelling to get it done before the weekend and the rain arrive. We have several projects in various stages of completion now .. .. and waiting for builders quotes and building regs to make a start on the main extension. I'll take pics once there is something worth showing you .. .. but now I'll try to kick this pc into action and stop by some of my crafty friends.

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  1. Goodness it sounds as if you have been beavering away at all sorts of things - do ensure you have some rest as well. I shall pop over & have a look at the LOTV release - thanks for the info & your lovely comment too..
    Paula (PEP)


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