Wednesday, 28 October 2015

my new chalk pot

After watching the Viva Decor clips on YouTube about using this chalky paint, I decided to get the starter pack from Buddly Crafts and give it a go.  I've used Rustoleum chalk paint and wax on furniture to give the shabby chic look, but found the paint quite thin and have needed to use at least 3 coats to get a good coverage.  So, I was interested to see what this one could do .. ..

First up - it goes on glass and other non-pourous surfaces, as well as wood, mdf etc.  It's a soft buttery consistency so does give a good coverage when sponged on and dries rock hard, and I think from translation it can be used out doors.  I did learn from re-watching that if you want to do the 2 colour shabby look, don't leave your top coat of colour for more than 10 mins before starting to rub back or you'll never get it rubbed off and show the first colour underneath!  It does give good coverage.  Here's my first finished project:

I've made myself a new shabby chic pot for storing my everyday craft items from a small coffee jar.

The design on the front is created with this stencil and the Crystal clear Glas Effekt Gel.  I put the gel on through the stencil direct from the bottle as it has quite a fine nozzle, but as this is my first attempt I can see I missed a bit here and there.  The idea from the YouTube clip is that you cover the whole jar with 2 coats of chalk paint then when it's dry you sand back to reveal the clear design underneath.  I can tell you, that sanding back is hard work!  Still, the shabby chic look is there.  As the design is not that proud of the glass it's difficult not to sand back some of the paint off the flat jar around the design .. .. thankfully a little touching up afterwards solved that problem.

Here's a close up of the design:
I die cut the Marianne Design mini poinsettia from vellum, 2 layers of each size, then added Stickles around the edge and a bling stone in the middle before hot gluing onto the jar.

I decorated around the neck with some white pom-pom trim and striped gross grain ribbon to match the blue paint.

That glass effect gel goes rock hard - you can't get that off!  I am thinking it would look pretty with just little dots above the frosting that I've done previously, so will give that a go.  Or, as it comes in different colours and is weatherproof, it might be an idea to create some interesting garden ornaments - I could even stain glass the shed window!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look - and perhaps I've inspired you to make something a bit different and expand your crafting mojo!


  1. Wow!! Such an amazing transformation, love the colour xx

  2. Brilliant result love the colour and sparkly flower -I think the bits you missed add to the rustic charm-not too perfect brilliant
    Carol x


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