Saturday, 5 July 2014

It's Saturday already!

Where does the time go .. .. it's been a strange week here, with the work in the garden still on-going and the workman coming back 'dreckly' so goodness knows when that will be!  I planted some of the new plants for the sunny side myself, but either I got them too close together or I'm going to need a lot more!  This morning I had a tidy up after the rain and picked an assortment of blooms for a summer bouquet, it probably wont last long and the colours clash, but it's nice to have flowers in the house.

I managed to have a day off with hubby on Wednesday, although it wasn't a day off for him, but at least we got to spend some time together even if most of it was in the car.  The last couple of days I've been battling technology and on the phone to EE to figure out why my internet connection is so slow .. .. actually it's the BT line that is slow and there's nowt can be done about it.  This part of Cornwall has beautiful scenery and gorgeous sandy beaches, but is pants for phone signals and internet connections.

I was happy to see one of my cards on the Snoesje blog today - this one I blogged a while ago back in May and you can see it here if you want to know what's on it.

I wasn't able to add my DT card for the Cute Card Thursday stars challenge .. .. but I do have one so will share with you later.

Enjoy your weekend, we have the sunshine back and I have more plants to put in before I can relax and catch up with everyone.  Thanks for dropping by, and thank you for leaving me a comment if you have the time.

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  1. What a fab arrangement Annie. My baskets took a battering in the rain last night but at least it meant respite from watering this morning!! Such a lovely card, love the tag xx


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