Wednesday, 7 March 2012

We're getting there .. ..

Ever so slowly, and here in Cornwall things are certainly done 'drekly' .. .. .. but at last we have the garden bench in place on the gravel so Mum can sit in the sunshine. It took a bit of digging out to create a wider path than was there originally, and my arms are still aching - but worth it! I also got a couple of big clay pots and re-potted the box and bay so they shouldn't fall over in the ever present sea breeze .. .. ..

I've planted up one of the old plastic tubs with miniature spring daffs and a couple of summer flowering plants to carry things on .. ..

And at last the garage door is in place, although the electrics aren't working so the men have to come back to fix that .. .. drekly! Excuse the pots by the porch - they are work in progress, probably for the bin but I might try and rescue some of the contents. The birdbath in the middle of the rose bed is something my Dad made from concrete, but it leaks so I need to fix that before filling it with water. Oh, and the car on the driveway isn't mine .. .. far too low down for me to get in and out! The garage isn't any use as a garage any more as half of it will be the new bathroom, and it was always a bit of a tight squeeze getting the car in and out anyway, I expect it will get filled up with boxes and junk and the beach paraphernalia! The builder should be arriving any day now to start digging the footings for the new bedroom extension .. .. he reckons on about 3 months, weather permitting, before I can start decorating them - I can't wait!


  1. It's starting to look great Annie, I bet you are relieved to see some progress being made at last.

    Hope to catch up with some time. x

  2. Annie its all coming together and starting to look wonderful your Mum will so love sitting on the beautiful bench getting lots of fresh air! It may be slow work but it will be so worth it for you all. Love & Hugs Chanelle xx

  3. Wow, some work done there already Annie! It looks good! Hang in there!
    Dutch Tulip

  4. it looks fabulous and I just imagine your mum sitting on that bench enjoying the sunshine, lovely! Well done on all the hard work, it will all be worth it!

  5. Brilliant with the box in the tub & the seating & your daffodils look splendid - roll on Spring.
    Take care with it all - if you need a moan I'm here, we're almost finished inside.
    Paula (PEP)


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