Monday, 6 June 2011

June Roses

For today's card I've coloured a digi floral image from Pachela Studios at Cuddly Buddly with my Copics to create a card for my Wedding Anniversary later this month. I coloured the image some time ago so can't remember exactly which Copics I used, but I'm pretty sure the reds are in the R20 - R29 range and the greens look like YG 21, 23 and 25. As the card is half for me and half for hubby I wanted to keep things a little bit plainer as my other half doesn't go in for frills and fuss. So, I've just used a plainish red and a gingham red paper matted with red cardstock, a piece of red ribbon and the little red heart gems along with the stamped text.

And I found a couple of challenges I can enter - Paper Sundaes are looking for sentiments on your creation, Sketchy Colours are looking for red, green and white, and Daring Cardmakers have the June flower challenge to use Roses or Honeysuckle (or both) - no guessing which I chose!

I was very upset yesterday when visiting my Dad. His electric hospital bed arrived last Monday but not the sides to stop him falling out - so they are having to put him to bed back in the small 'temporary' room in the storage area of the home until the 'system' can find the sides. This means he doesn't get checked as often and when we visited he was half hanging out of the bed between the rails looking dreadful. My first thought was that he had suffered a seizure as he wasn't responding when Mum spoke to him and his eyes were flickering and rolling. When I went to the desk to call the nurse in charge she seemed to be reluctant to come take a look, but then had to go and get someone else to help lift him back into the bed which caused him a lot of pain. He enjoyed the raspberries in jelly I had taken in but kept complaining of pain in his neck so I tried to make him more comfortable and went and asked for some pain medicine for him .. .. it seemed to help and when I rearranged the pillows so his neck wasn't being pushed forward he fell asleep. I am not happy with the room he is in and the fact that he was promised a new room and the bed over a week ago and still isn't in it is a disgrace. The home seems to run on a skeleton staff at the weekends and being away from the main bedroom/lounge area I don't think he's being taken care of properly. Just because he is dying doesn't mean his needs shouldn't be taken care of but when I mentioned this to the nurse in charge I got a 'well what do you expect' response! I suspect they thought, as did we, that he was only going to be around for a week or so at most - but now as time passes he is becoming more of a demand on their meagre resources as his condition deteriorates. I'm waiting for Mum to get back from visiting this afternoon to see if there is any improvement today - and I have told the home I will be visiting on Thursday in order to speak to the doctor. Both Mum and I noticed that last Thursday he was dressed in his own matching pyjama top and bottoms and sat in his chair in the new room but now it seems suspiciously like the effort was made because the doctor was calling and we were going to be there to discuss his care.


  1. Hi Annie, What a worry, my parents were ill and didn't make it into a nursing home and I'm glad if this is typical of the care received, I'm so sorry this is happening to your dad, no wonder you're worried.
    On a happier note your card is gorgeous, beautifully coloured too, hugs Gay xxx

  2. Hi Annie,
    I'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties you're having with your Dad's nursing care.

    Your card is lovely.
    Best wishes

  3. Well Annie, words cannot express how I felt when I read your post about the things going on in the home where your Dad is....I'm so sorry he and therefor you all, have to go through this. I really hope they can find the sides of the bed and he can go to a proper room!!!

    Love your card Anny!!! Beautiful roses!
    Dutch Tulip

  4. My goodness, Annie, what a time you are having - I hope things are better for your poor dad soon.

    Your lovely card is just perfect for The Daring Cardmakers' "Roses and Honeysuckle" challenge this week, thanks for joining in.

  5. Oh Annie - I was close to tears not much i can say but just thinking of you.
    Your card is a beauty. I'm often at your blog looking at Copic info thank you.

    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  6. a beautiful card Annie but its so sad to hear of the way your Father is being treated, it makes me mad as the last time spent is ussually degrading and uncomfortable, hope things improve for your Dad real soon.....keep nagging them hun, seems you have to be a nuiscance these days to get something
    big hugs x

  7. Your card is beautiful Annie - as always.

    Sorry to hear how your dad's care is not as you had hoped and are finding it so distressing, it can't be easy for you - please know that I am thinking of you all. x

  8. Lovely card Annie, such gorgeous rich colours and that image is so lovely.

    It was nice to see you this afternoon and I hope our chat helped take your mind off your worries a little !

  9. OH i am sorry to hear your story Annie -but all too familiar.
    the rails ( cot sides )should have bumpers on them to stop entrapment ( i am an occupational therapist - and disability equipment is my job!)
    It is a legal requirement in most areas - so you need to question them about it.
    And no matter where a patient is in the home they should receive the care they need. Contact Social Services if you aren't happy. Things need to be said for things to change .
    I think a lot of relatives are scared to speak up as they dont want it taking out on their poorly/dying relatives.. so these things don't get dealt with.
    The homes i deal with tend to have young girls working there with little training as its cheap labour.
    You do not need this stress at a time like this.
    Glad you have your crafting as a way to unwind .. and the roses are so beautiful.
    Lisa x

  10. Love your very elegant card.

    I was moved to hear of your Dad's treatment, so sorry anyone has to go through this.

  11. So wonderful card Annie,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  12. Oh Annie. I am soooo very sorry for you, your mum and of course for your dad. Reading your post today made me almost want to cry. One hears of poor quality nursing care and your dad seems to be in an environment which is not looking after him sufficiently well. How absolutely terrible for you all. I do hope that your regular visits and bringing some pressure to bear will improve things. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Lesley

  13. So sorry to hear you are having such a worrying time with your dad. Your card is really beautiful, I love the colour scheme and the image is just perfect. Thanks for joining in with the Daring Cardmakers this week x

  14. So sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the situation improves soon. Thanks for taking the time to share this lovely card with us at Daring Cardmakers this week.

  15. Oh Annie it sounds terrible that they are not looking after your dad as they should be. I would have thought that in his last weeks that they would try and make his life as comfortable as possible and give him some dignity and some comfort. I would be as angry as you, I really hope that things improve. As for your card it is absolutely beautiful it looks both classy and elegant.
    Lorraine x

  16. Love your gorgeous card Annie.
    You need to put pressure on the home when they realise you not going take any nonsense they will soon buck up.
    The days you Dad has are important to you all and he deserves the best.

  17. Gorgeous card and colouring. :)


  18. This is so elegant! A gorgeous card.
    Thank you for joining Sketchy Colors, and lots of luck!
    Hugs, Marianne:)

  19. Love your layout and elegant simplicity! Thank you for joining us at Paper Sundaes - we hope to see you again soon!


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